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36 capsule box of Funtumia elastica

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You can buy your Funtumia elastica powder here in boxes of 36, enabling you to feel relief from respiratory problems for less.

Funtumia Pure is a powder of Funtumia Elastica bark powder manufactured by the process of freeze drying to achieve the highest purity you can find in all the Funtumia Elastica capsules processed and sold in the market.

Box of 60 Funtumia Elastica capsules.


Funtumia capsules

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We have taken significant measures to ensure the exceptional quality of our Funtumia Pure products. As part of our commitment to excellence, we have developed a novel freeze-drying technique for the Funtumia elastica root powder, resulting in a more potent and effective product with a higher concentration. Our Funtumia capsules contain only the finest freeze-dried Funtumia bark, guaranteeing a safe consumption experience and maximum benefit. When compared to other Funtumia capsules available in the market, our Funtumia Pure powder boasts the highest level of purity.

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Available in packs of 60 or 36 – shipped across the UK!

You can purchase your Funtumia capsules in packs of 36 or 60, depending on your requirements and budget. Rest assured, all capsules are vegan friendly, and contain absolutely no animal products. All capsules and products are also fully checked for quality before being sealed and delivered directly to you.


What is Funtumia elastica?

The Funtumia Elastica tree is a rubber-producing species indigenous to West Africa. In Ghana, the bark of the Funtumia Elastica tree is sundried before being transported to our Funtumia Pure factory in the United Kingdom. Here, the bark is meticulously ground into a fine powder and undergoes our proprietary freeze-drying method before being processed into potent Funtumia capsules. By utilising our unique production process, we ensure the Funtumia powder is highly concentrated and rapidly absorbed by the body, allowing you to experience its benefits more quickly.

You can find more of our products here on our main website, Herbal Factory.




You can find out more about our Funtumia elastica for sale in the UK, and how they are made by calling us on 07749 409496 or email

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If you have any queries about our Funtumia elastica for sale in the UK, call us on 07749 409496 or email

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